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With the rapid development of modern medical treatment, advanced medical equipment can ensure the integrity, accuracy and safety of diagnostic information, and improve the medical level for local medical institutions.  Medical display is equipped with various medical devices for real-time monitoring. Medical staff can access information, tests, examination results and other information at any time to grasp the real-time situation. 


Medical display are typically used in three types of applications: standard (e.g., monitor), life support (e.g., blood glucose meter), and life-critical equipment (e.g., ventilator). These applications have very different requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, and mean time to failure (MTBF).   Both organizations have clear criteria for resolution, noise, viewing Angle, glare, color uniformity, distortion, reflection, luminance response, and luminance uniformity. 


*Medical display for ECG monitor

An ECG monitor is a life-saving device that measures the electrical activity of the heart to show whether the heart is working properly.  More options are 7~10.1”"TFT LCD module.


Medical Display



*Medical display for Electronic blood glucose meter

Electronic blood glucose meter is a convenient and intelligent electronic medical instrument to test the blood glucose index. More options are 0.96~10.1”TFT LCD module

Medical Display



*Medical display for Oximeter

The main measurement indexes of oximeter were pulse rate, oxygen saturation and perfusion index (PI). More options are 0.96~10.1”TFT LCD module


Medical Display



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