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What's QLED? 


•QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes), Quantum dot light-emitting diodes are named Quantum Dots by Physicist Mark Reed of Yale University. which is specifically some of very small semiconductor nanoscale crystals that are invisible to the naked eye. Normally, Quantum Dots are a combination of zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulfur atoms.


It is also a kind of particle size of less than 10 nm particles, if it made into a thin layer of quantum dots, and put this layer in liquid crystal display (LCD) Backlight module (BLU, Backlight Unit), in order to compared to not using quantum dots thin layer of liquid crystal display, can reduce the Backlight brightness fall lost and RGB Color filters (Color filter) the colour of crosstalk (Cross talk), and then get a better backlight utilization and improve showed the advantages of Color gamut space (Color gamut),This method is also applied to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays or TELEVISION devices with white, blue, or ultraviolet (UV) light filter designs.


•QLED are not a self-lighting screen technology because quantum dots do not emit the colours directly, they are scattered over a film that acts as a colour filter.They use quantum dot technology to improve the display quality of images, providing better brightness and a wider chromatographic.


•When the display is turned on, the LED backlight shines on the film, which refines the light to the desired color temperature.


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