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OLED displays are the future of technology. They are the most efficient, durable, and user-friendly display solutions available. Custom OLED display is not just for mobile devices, but also for tablets and smart TVs. They have a wide color gamut and high contrast ratio, which allows them to display rich images with high resolution. Custom OLED displays can be made in any size and shape, as well as in 3D or 4D form factors. They are lightweight and thin, which makes them ideal for use in mobile devices and wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches.


custom oled display


Custom OLED Display for Better Viewing Experience:


  • Custom OLED displays are thinner than an average screen on your smartphone and are brighter.
  • An OLED display can have a contrast ratio of more than 1 million:1, which is much higher than found in LCDs. This means that you'll be able to view your images more clearly and make out details that would otherwise be lost on an LCD screen.

Custom OLED displays have better color saturation than LCDs—they're also brighter than their counterparts. They can even be curved! And because they're made from organic materials rather than silicon, they're not as prone to burn-in or aging issues that plague other types of displays over time.


custom oled display


Benefits Of Having A Custom OLED Display:


  Wide viewing angles:


The wide viewing angles of the OLED display are one of its most coveted features. The technology allows you to view your content from multiple angles and make sure that everyone in your household can see it. It's a great feature for watching videos together as a family, or for simply checking out the news when you're up late at night.


High brightness of the OLED display:


The custom OLED display is known to be the best for displaying high brightness. It has a higher screen resolution than LCD and TFT monitors. This helps in increasing the visibility and readability of the text on the screen. The pixel density is also a factor that affects the visibility, since this has been found to have a direct correlation with brightness.


custom oled display


The energy efficiency of the custom OLED display:


When it comes to energy efficiency, OLED displays have been at the forefront since they were first developed. In fact, OLED displays have seen a significant increase in their energy efficiency over the years. The overall efficiency of an OLED display is measured by its luminance efficacy, which is a measure of how much light can be produced from an equivalent amount of current. The more efficient the display, the less power it uses to produce light.


custom oled display


Why Should You Go With A-TOPS:


A-TOPS has been in the OLED business for over 24 years, and we have shipped a very large number of displays to customers all over the world. We know what it takes to build a quality display, but we also know that not all displays are created equal. If you are looking for a display with the best performance, then you should buy an OLED display from A-TOPS. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Our high-performance OLEDs have been tested by several independent labs and found to be much better than other brands on the market today.
  • The pixel density of our displays is higher than any other brand on the market today.
  • Our displays are very lightweight and easy to use as compared with other brands on the market today.

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