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What kind of industrial LCD screen is the best?


A-tops produce different size industrial LCD screens. The industrial LCD screen should have availability, withstanding high temperatures, jolts, drops, etc. A-Tops builds Rugged LCD Monitors suited for industrial and commercial applications. 


Industrial LCD Screen


The Industrial LCD screen is sunlight readable, and has high brightness, high thermal stability, anti-vibration, anti-shock, and longevity. The industrial LCD screen size is from 2.4 inches to 15.6 inches. Quite different resolution options. The interface can be SPI/MCU/RGB/LVDS/MIPI/HDMI. And the operating temperature range can be 


-20~70℃ & -30~85℃. The brightness can be 250-3000cd/㎡. The Industrial LCD screen options with RTP/PCAP/COVER/Bonding. And also the Industrial LCD screen has a very long lifetime of about 30000-50000hours. 


Industrial LCD Screen


A-tops industrial LCD screens have achieved excellent performance in different test processes and can stand any product test. In strict accordance with the requirements of industrial display screen development and production.


Industrial LCD screens can be custom configured with Touch Screen (Resistive, Capacitive, or PCAP), DC power supplies, Stainless Steel bezels, and extended warranty options are available. A-tops can provide you with more than just an industrial LCD display screen, A-tops can also make a perfect combination of your products according to your needs. 


Industrial LCD Screen


From the selection of raw materials to the real production of a screen, until the hands of customers, A-tops will have a strict audit and repeated testing in every process to ensure that customers get a complete screen without any problems. At the moment A-tops receive customer orders, A-tops must do their best to ensure the quality of products, according to the requirements of various conditions of industrial LCD screen strict production and quality assurance.

Industrial LCD Screen

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