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Touch Panel manufacturer is according to the customer's application products needs, such as temperature, Anti-EMC ,Anti- EMI, durability, waterproof, Anti-UV, and whether to wear gloves and so on ,to select matching CTP materials and manufacturing process;Touch Panel manufacturer is crucial to the choice of TOUCH SENSOR,OCA and CTP DRIVE IC,Generally, It requires touch panel manufacturer has many years of experience in manufacturing  Capacitive Touch panel.


Touch Panel manufacturer



Touch Panel manufacturer how to choose CTP driver


A-TOPS Electronics Ltd is TFT display and Touch Panel manufacturer,it has 8 years production experience of custom industrial Capacitive Touch Panel,it has more than 10 engineers team who have many years of experience in LCD industry and Touch Panel manufacturer area ,so they are familiar with the selection and application of CTP driver IC,The CTP drivers commonly used for Industrial Capacitive Touch Panel are FT7811,FT7511,ILI2511,ILI2510,MXT336U,MXT874U,ST1633i,Our engineers will select different CTP DRIVER IC based on customer requirements .


What information does Touch Panel manufacturer need?

1>What kind of industry will it be used in?

2>What kind of environment?

3>What size of COVER LENS and thickness?

4>What interface?

5>What about the environment?


Choosing an experienced touch panel  manufacturer will save you a lot of time and money

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