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Medical LCD displays need full viewing angle, high brightness, high resolution, without bright spots and black spots to ensure that the doctor can clearly see the details in the screen, the display surface should be easy to clean and need to be antibacterial and resistant to chemical solvents .In addition, the LCD display needs to meet strict medical device safety and testing standards.

In medical applications, easy cleaning and non-contact technology are crucial, while the durability of the product is also a factor that cannot be ignored.

Our engineers have the following design experience:

  1. Select high color, high PPI display in line with medical applications, and long-term supply.

 2.Do shielding design according to the customer's use environment: EMI(RE,CE) and EMS(ESD,CS,RS).

  1. Use special Cover glassmaterials and surface COATING treatment to meet the requirements of anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial and easy to clean in medical application environment.
  2. Our optical bondingsolutions make products more reliable, more realistic colors, and can effectively improve the problem of water vaporenter the panel.
Medical Applications
Medical Applications
Medical Applications
Medical Applications
Medical Applications
Medical Applications

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