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Industrial displays need to be durable and reliable, powered on for a long time without failure, some application scenarios will have strong electromagnetic interference, so that industrial displays required to be able to work properly in a wide range of temperature conditions. Outdoor application displays need to be bright and clear, can be clearly visible in direct sunlight, and can prevent external force damage.



1.A-TOPS design team do shielding design according to the customer's use environment: EMI(RE,CE) and EMS(ESD,CS,RS).
2.For outdoor applications with strong sunlight, we use special UV resistant ink/ceramic ink,IR filter film materials and bonding technology to protect the display from the effects of natural factors.
3.Wide temperature and humidity range solutions
3.Optical enhancements(AG coating, AR coating, AF coating etc.), high-brightness displays and automatic brightness adjustment.

4.Our TFT Module incorporates thermal management solutions to make the product more stable and reliable.

We use C-POL material with innovative design, which allows us to see LCD display clearly in full perspective even if we wear polarized glasses in outdoor bright sunlight.

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Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications

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