A-TOPS provides in-house touch total solutions.Our CTP engineering team except have 10 years of experience in the CTP industry, also have experience in the design of the whole machine and evaluates the most suitable touch technology solution according to the customer’s requirements. In addition to conventional industrial applications, we have even more valuable innovative technologies. Industrial robots, marine electronics, automotive electronics, medical equipment and other products would face high frequency interference, strong electromagnetic interference, high temperature, seawater (corrosive) and other extreme operating environment, such products need to use water handling, gloved and hovering touch technology.

Industrial/Automotive CTP
1. Industrial application require high temperature environment,gloved operation, waterproof, anti-drop,chemical environment resistant, impact resistant, anti-pollution and easy cleaning,...
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All in White/Silver/Wood Total Solution
With the improvement of consumer aesthetics, creating product differentiation and innovative design is the primary task, and the beauty and luxury sense of the color integrated with...
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All in Black Total Solution
The LCD Display has almost no color difference with the display visual area when the backlight is turned off. A-tops combines special materials with optical bonding process to be achieved...
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Various Gloves Touch Solution
In outdoor, medical, industrial or special applications,touch displays are used in harsh environments, gloves are always required, so it is important that touch displays support glove...
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Thick Cover Glass Touch Technology
In public places or some special application places, explosion-proof and anti-impact are specific requirements, so thick Cover glass is needed to enhance the protection of Display from...
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Water Handling Touch Technology
In outdoor applications, water can accumulate on top of CTP and trigger false touches, to avoid those false touches, our engineers use the latest CTP technology features water repellent...
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