Optical Bonding

A-TOPS has an in-house production line for optical Bonding

optical bonding can improve the visibility, durability and impact resistance of LCD displays, we can not only provide OCA bonding range 0.96” to 15.6”, we can also provide OCR bonding above 15.6“,up to 65”. In this way, our optical bonding can meet the requirements of different customers and different application scenarios.

Optical bonding technology is use OCA or OCR for bonding, to make the display and Cover glass/CTP bond into a entirety, OCA is a colorless transparent glue which have good optical performance, can make the LCD panel and Cover/CTP have a certain physical compatibility. Compare with double-sided adhesive tape bonding which has air layer to reflect light, optical bonding no air and just a transparent medium layer, which reduce the reflection, greatly improves its optical properties, and the display effect will be better.

5.IR Filter Solution
1.IR filter is used to intercept infrared radiation. It consists of multiple layers of materials, one or more of which have the properties of reflecting, absorbing and transmitting...
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UV Resistant
Our specially customized optical adhesives are able to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Such as Marine electronics products, outdoor sun exposure products, use our UV resistant...
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Prevents Condensation or Fog on the Display
optical bonding can prevent condensation or fog on the display screen because it is a transparent medium layer in the middle and there is no air layer.
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Enhanced Durability and Impact Resistance
OCA or OCR acts as a buffer between Cover glass/CTP and LCD display, and the anti-vibration technology of the LCD display is mainly considered from the aspects of stiffness and damping....
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Sunlight Readable
Optical bonding can prevent multiple reflections of light on different media. Therefore, the optical bonding technology of LCD display can reduce the diffuse reflection of light, effectively...
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