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Environmental and Hazardous Substances Management

  • 1. We strictly abide by ISO14001 environmental management standards, product hazardous substances management system, and make progress in company operation, employee participation, product environmental responsibility and other aspects.
  • 2. We adhere to the concept of sustainable development, choose environmentally friendly materials, clean energy, and low-power equipment to maximize the protection of the natural environment and reduce carbon emissions; Introduce paperless office and green office equipment to reduce the waste of natural resources; Improve the recycling rate and realize the recycling of resources
  • 3. Regarding hazardous substances, we maintain close attention and promise our customers that our products all comply with international standards such as RoHS and REACH, and we manage and test them according to the specific needs of our customers.


  • 1. Pay attention to social developments, actively participate in public welfare activities, we always uphold a strong sense of social responsibility. We are convinced that the company's sense of social responsibility can not only enhance the image of the enterprise, but also enhance the sense of belonging of employees, but also win the trust and respect of the society, make our company in the fierce market competition in the leading position.
  • 2. We respect the principles of diversity and fairness, and are committed to providing employees with an excellent work experience and fair promotion mechanism.
  • 3. We pay attention to the vulnerable groups and provide them with help within our capacity; At the same time, we advocate a green and low-carbon lifestyle and contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.
  • 4. We establish partnerships with suppliers, customers, employees and other parties to jointly promote the realization of social responsibility and business objectives

5. Control of conflict minerals. Investigate the sources of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), Stannum (Sn) and wolfram (W) contained in products to ensure that these metals do not do not originate from "conflict mining areas"

Prohibit child labor
Respect for fundamental human rights
Create an equal working environment
Reasonable arrangement of production schedule and working hours2
Provide reasonable salary and benefits
Observe business ethics



  • Good decision-making and execution are the core to improve the efficiency of operation and management, and effective resource integration and reasonable allocation are the key to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In the future, with the development of technology and changes in the market, we will continue to adjust our strategy, improve our processes, and explore and use new technological means to achieve sustainable development.
  • Flexibly respond to market changes, adjust business strategy and management mode in time. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to details and data analysis, optimize operations, strive for excellence, and constantly improve the management system.
  • We need to pay attention to economic efficiency and social responsibility, pay attention to environmental protection, public welfare and social contribution while pursuing profits, and establish a good corporate image.
ESG (Environmental、Social、Governance) ESG (Environmental、Social、Governance)

ESG (Environmental、Social、Governance)



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