Why more and more people are opting for sunlight readable LCD displays

As a widely used electric appliance in public places, sunlight readable LCD display is more and more chosen by people. So why do more people want to choose sunlight readable LCD display?


The sunlight readable LCD display allows us to see clear and high quality images or videos even in direct sunlight. Most LCD screens offer only 300 nits brightness. But in outdoor or bright conditions, it’s important to increase the brightness of the display to ensure a high quality image. Most TFT displays use transmissive polarizers, which do not perform well in direct sunlight, and not a good choice as sunlight readable LCD display.


Sunlight readable LCD display



In general, we use two follow two methods to make sunlight readable LCD display.


First, increase the luminance to realize sunlight readable LCD display

In this way, we increased the brightness of the TFT LCD display to between 700 nits and 1000 nits, overwhelming the brightness of the sun and achieving visibility under sunlight.



Second, using transflective polarizer to realize sunlight readable LCD display

Transflective polarizers can reflect a large proportion of sunlight, greatly reducing the erosion caused by sunlight. sunlight readable LCD display have become increasingly popular in recent years. As costs decrease, more and more people are choosing transflective LCD display for applications that require it to be sunlight readable. Even though it still costs more than Transmission displays, but the gap is closing.


sunlight readable LCD display have many applications, such as industrial, medical, marine electronics, etc., that need to be sunlight readable. This makes the market grow bigger and better in future.


Sunlight readable LCD display


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